IsoMap v0.7.0 available


On 15th of August the version v0.7.0 of IsoMap has been released. Starting with this version new datasets are available, among them is trento, rome and berlin.  In addition, the isochrone visualization and its performance has been improved.

As a result now the reachable regions aren’t shaded in gray anymore, but are highlighted by graying out everything that is not reachable. This leads to the optical impression that reachable places within the computed isochrone are visualized brighter. There is one exception to this: the mean and time-dependent isochrones, because here transparency is used for within an isochrone to code additional information.

The libraries that are used to realize the user interface have been updated. Now the map engine leaflet is used in version 1.0.0-rc.3 which means that the performance of the visualization has been improved in general.
The style of the results has also been reworked so that especially the isochrone visualization is done much faster now (as a result streets will not be shown “per default” anymore).
When using the analyze tool the results are also shown in an improved way.  If for example restaurants are part of the computed isochrone they are shown in green, while all others are shown with transparency in red.

In the backend also some problems have been resolved. In some places the walking speed has been used in a wrong way, which now has been double-checked.
Besides, the loading ranges used by the algorithms MineR and MineRX, are calculated more exact now. In this case – similar to the walking speed problem – the conversion from meters to SRID units was done in a non optimal way.
Last, but not least, the amount of data transferred from server to client has been reduced. Especially for streets send by the server the amount could be reduced by nearly 50%.

In case of any feedback,  comments and/or questions, the contact form – as always – can be used.

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