IsoMap v0.6.1 available

Just now the new version v0.6.1 of IsoMap was released.
It contains improvements that are especially important when using large datasets to maintain good performance.

The part that needs to be taken care of when working with large datasets is the projection of the source (or destination) point of the isochrone onto the nearest street edge. Starting with this version this projection is supported by database inidices guaranteeing optimal performance even for large networks.

A good example is the dataset “GreatBritain (GB)” which has also been made available with version v0.6.1.  When compared to old version v0.6.0 and the well-known dataset “Bolzano (BZ)” the projection onto the street network took around 35msec for BZ and up to 30 seconds (!!) for great britain. With the new version it takes 30msec for BZ and GB (which means that it is a thousand times faster for the large GB dataset and around ten percent faster for the small BZ dataset).

Regarding the IsoMap frontend a minor problem has been fixed when changing the calculation settings after an isochrone has been calculated. In addition the edge visualization using JTS (which has been introduced in v0.6.0) has been improved even further fixing a problem with the length of some edges.

In case of any feedback,  comments and/or questions, the contact form – as always – can be used.

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