IsoMap v0.5.1 available

Today version v0.5.1 of IsoMap has been released.
The most attention during this release was put on the datasets that underlie the isochrone computation.

All of the underling datasets have been updated. In the city of SanFrancisco this fixes the problem of an incorrect visualization of the result on top of the interactive map. For the dataset of bolzano the up-to-date names of the bus lines are used now.

Starting with this version datasets that only allow unimodal isochrone calculation can also be used. This has been implemented because of the fact that for some cities (especially in Austria) there is no digital information available about the transportation system of the city. For the cities of Innsbruck and Salzburg such a unimodal dataset has been created, so that now also in these cities the computation of isochrones (at least unimodal ones) is possible. To make these two datasets a bit more prominent, two new places have been added to the favorites plugin of IsoMap.
To prevent the user from needed additional information, a new network mode called “Automatic” has been added, which always uses the most complex network mode (for Bolzano this would be “Multimodal” while for Innsbruck this is “Unimodal”).

On the server side of the application the possibility of calculating isochrones without creating temporary database tables, has been added. However, this still needs to be activated in the server’s configuration, since it seems that this change only boosts the performance when using multiple server systems (for example separate application- and database servers).

In case of any feedback,  comments and/or questions, the contact form – as always – can be used.

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