IsoMap v0.5.0 released

The version v0.5.0 of IsoMap is now available.
With this release two new plugins have been introduced:

  • the favorites plugin, which enables easy finding of places where isochrones can be computed and
  • the mean isochrone plugin that enables the computation of average reachabilities over a given time span.

In the backgound of the application some small changes were made:

  • Besides the usual version updates (that are done for every release) the isochrone computation time has been reduced by far. This change should be noticable especially for large isochrones.
  • A huge number of additional tests have been implemented. These test now also use the number of loaded nodes to limit the isochrones size, not only the duration. As a result the stability of the application should be better than before.

In the user interface some bugfixes and improvements have been made:

  • In rare cases two “start isochrone calculation” buttons were visible although only one worked.
  • Design improvements have been made. As a result the search field is a bit smaller (in height) so that it’s design matches the other elements of the map.
  • The default map layout has been changed. The new default is now “OpenStreetMap DE”.
  • The amount of transferred data has been reduced a bit without producing notable limitations.

As part of this release a special thanks goes to Mr. Roland Lafogler, who came up with important input to the “mean isochron plugin” as part of the mathematical modeling week of the land of southern tyrol.

In case of any feedback,  comments and/or questions, the contact form – as always – can be used.

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