IsoMap v0.4.0 released

This week the version 0.4.0 of IsoMap was released. The new release adds isochrone analyses and provides better performance. Another new and noteworthy thing in this release is the support for internationalization.

Starting with this release the IsoMap GUI is available in two languages: English and German.  The selection of the language is done automatically based on the browser settings.

As for every release libraries have been updated bugs have been fixed:

  • Date and Time calculations are now using the Java8 API instead of the old Calendar/Date objects and should therefore cause less problems.
  • Safari browser support has been reworked (although Safari is not officially supported). MacOS/iOS users should experience less problems from this release onward.
  • The so called “eGrundkarte” from the country of tyrol is now available as base layer (in 3 different types: summer, winter and satellite)
  • JavaScript test have been improved a lot. Coverage for these tests is now created and enable a tracking of tested lines of code in JavaScript files.
  • Isochrone-Coverage calculation is now implemented using PostGIS functionality. As a result calculation is much faster and results look a bit nice (some different isochrone areas are visually joined if it makes sense)
  • Algorithm MrneX has been renamed to MineRX (and Mrne has been renamed to MineR). Also setting an upper bound for loaded nodes by the underlying range queries of these two algorithms has been implemented.

In case of any feedback,  comments and/or questions, the contact form – as always – can be used.

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