IsoMap v0.3.4 released

Version 0.3.4 of the IsoMap application has been released today.
Most changes have been made in the backend and are therefore not visible to the user.

The most important change is the update of the operating system to centos 7 (64bit). Besides the apache tomcat servlet container and java 8 have been updated to the latest stable version.

The isochrone computation has been slightly reworked and is a bit faster now (but since the speed-up is not that significant it is most likely unnoticable using the demo). However, with this new version a calculation issue has been addressed, which has been introduced
early this year.

Some more tests have been implemented to ensure the correctness of the calculation. Since these tests are much faster than the old ones (due to some clever result caching), they can be executed more often.

In case of any feedback,  comments and/or questions, the contact form – as always – can be used.

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