IsoMap 0.3.0 released

A new version 0.3.0 was released today. Starting with this version GeoJSON layers are used on top of the map, which replace the graphical layers used until today. As a result the calculations done should show much faster.

Besides this change there are several other changes. At the backend new versions of several libraries are used. The geoserver component used is version 2.5.1, the newest apache tomcat is also installed (7.0.54). The library used for communication between IsoMap and geoserver, named geoserver-manager, also got an update (to version 1.6)

Furthermore the virtualization has been reworked. From now on the virtualised system supports 64bit (instead of the 32bit used until now) and used more cpu cores and some more main memory (which is only possible since VT-x is used).

Another noteworthy thing is that now more datasets are supported for the calculation of isochrones. Until now it was only possible to calculate an isochrone in the city of Bolzano. Starting with this version the region of italy is also supported. More cities/regions will follow and the schedules used for the calculation will also be updated.

All in all it can be said that the new version is the one with the most changes until now. So naming it 0.3.0 (instead of 0.2.6) made sense.

In case of any questions, comments and/or problems the concat form can be used.


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