Version 0.2.4 released

The new version 0.2.4 has been released today.
This release is all about page loading speed and decreases the time needed to load the website by far.

The speedup is achieved by minifying and concatenating various JavaScript and CSS files. This leads to less requests get the information needed while communicating with the webserver. Furthermore a feature called “GZip-Compression” has been implemented on the server side. This leads to less bytes transferred between client and server, but still delivering the same (now compressed) information. Also the libraries needed for rendering the webapplication, which until this release have been requested from a CDN network, have been included into the files transferred from the webserver. This also reduces the requests needed while rendering the application.

To overcome problems with the application this release is the first one which passed automated frontend-tests before publication. The number of these tests is still very low, but it will increase continuously over time.

The problems with page loading from version 0.2.2 should now be part of the past forever.

If there are any questions, problems and/or other feedback the contact form can be used.

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