Version 0.2.2 released

After two weeks without a noticeable change a new version has beenĀ  released today.
This version is now called “0.2.2”

In the new version important changes have been implemented mostly on the server-side. Libraries have been updated there and also some configuration mechanisms have been simplified.

Regarding the user interface the changes can be noticed as now only isochrones correctly configured (at the server) can be used for calculations (by now the only dataset configured correctly is the one for the city of bolzano). In addition to this change a new warning indicator has been implemented (at the bottom left of the map), which informs about problems with the connection and/or configuration. This icon is always shown when the website is opened and should disappear after a few seconds.

Furthermore the stability and performance of the application has been improved again.

For questions and/or feedback it is possible to add a comment to this post directly (at the bottom of this page) or – as always – to use the contact form.

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